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Marián "Eros" Stoica
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Milio will be the next new champion to arrive in League of Legends, and Riot Games has already shown all his abilities.

Milio LoL Trailer

Milio release date

A new champion is coming to League of Legends. Riot Games has already officially confirmed the release of Milio as a new character.

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Milio is the first League of Legends champion that will arrive on the official server in 2023 after seeing the rework of Aurelion Sol, the champion will be available with the release of patch 13.6. Here are the dates you should keep in mind in your calendar to try this new League of Legends champion:

Tuesday, March 7 Milio will be available in the PBE

Monday March 20th Milio Gameplay Report

• Wednesday March 22 Milio will be on the game server.

One of the big goals of Riot Games is that Milio will go straight into the easy to play champions section. In order for us to get a clearer idea of how he works, before we go any further let's go over what exactly each of his abilities does.

Milio's abilities

Passive – Fired Up

INNATE: Whenever Milio hits himself or an allied champion with an ability, he enchants the target for 4 seconds, causing their next basic attack or ability to deal 15% − 50% (based on level) of target’s AD bonus magic damage and apply a burn that deals [25 − 80 (based on level) (+ 20% AP) magic damage over 1.5 seconds.]

Q – Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Active: Milio kicks a fireball in the target direction after a 0.25-second delay that knocks back and stuns the first enemy hit over 1 second. Upon collision, the ball then launches upward and falls toward the target’s location to explode, dealing magic damage to enemies within the area and slowing them for 1.5 seconds. If the primary target is a non-champion, the ball knocks them back further and creates a larger explosion on impact.

Milio cannot cast his other abilities during Ultra Mega Fire Kick’s delay.

W – Cozy Campfire

ACTIVE: Milio summons an empowerment zone at the target location for 6 seconds that follows the closest nearby allied champion at the cast location, including himself. Allied champions and Milio within the area gain increased base attack range and heal every 0.24 seconds over the duration. Cozy Campfire can be recast after 0.5 seconds while the zone is active.


RECAST: Milio commands the zone to follow himself or the target allied champion and places the recast on a 0.5-second static cooldown. Cozy Campfire may only grant Fired Up! upon being summoned and once every 3 seconds thereafter.

E – Warm Hugs

ACTIVE: Milio wraps himself or the target allied champion in protective flames, granting them a shield and bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds.

Milio periodically stocks a Warm Hugs charge, up to a maximum of 2.

Warm Hugs’ effects can stack up to 2 times.

R, ultimate – Breath of Life

ACTIVE: Milio unleashes a wave of soothing flames on himself and nearby allied champions, healing them, cleansing them of all non-airborne crowd control, and granting them 65% tenacity for 3 seconds.

Milio cannot cast Breath of Life while he is affected by cast-inhibiting crowd control.

Thoughts on Playing Milio in PBE so far

Milio's Q feels great. It is fast and extensive. Damage is really good. It's hard to appreciate how much pull back range you have until you hit a minion with your Q. By hitting a minion, you can easily get a lot of sneaky Q on your enemies.

You have to be conservative with W (Cozy Campfire). If you had it in the laning phase, it was like winning the trade button. When the skill was on cooldown, it felt very weak and lost all trades. On day one I think it's good because it seems to be one of the first "balanced" champions out there Riot Games releases

Casting E increases passive auto-attack damage. It's easy to do a lot of damage to ADCs with enhanced auto-attacks. R (Breath of Life) has a very long cooldown. You have to be very conservative when pushing.

Milio is not good at poke. It felt awful to go against it. His W doesn't recover much and his shields are very low until later. I feel like playing like Karma in the laning phase. W cooldown needs to be messed with. During W's cooldown, try to tweak with Q. Weak against Poké, but crazy against CC Dive Comp.

Marián "Eros" Stoica

Hello! My name is Marián and I am an investigative reporter mainly dedicated to League of Legends. I was born in Romania but I currently live in Spain.


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