Sources: Motroco reaches a verbal agreement with Guasones and will be their head coach in Superliga

Published  21 Nov, 17:42
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Mario "Motroco" Martínez García reached a verbal agreement to be the head coach of Guasones in 2023.

The former UCAM head coach would come from lifting the Iberian Cup title, sources told BLIX.GG on Monday.

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Motroco is a coach, who previously had a lot of competitive experience, he started competing in 2012 as ADC in x6tence, passed through many clubs such as Asus Rog Army and Dragons E.C.

He debuted as a coach in Movistar Riders but it was not until his time with Cream Real Betis where his cache was catapulted, after a great year and qualifying in the EU masters when no one bet on them.