Report: NAVI looking to complete the roster with t3b

Published  3 Sep, 12:00
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Edoardo “t3b” Treglia can be the fifth player for Natus Vincere, sources told BLIX.GG. The 20-year-old Italian talent was authorized by MACKO to find a new team in this transfer window, which closes on Monday the 4th.

The Italian player found in MACKO stability after two years of playing in mixes. Since 2020 in the team, t3b and his teammates won the Winter 2021 and 2020 editions of PG Nationals, a regional competitional in Italy.

NAVI is passing through changes in the squad for Stage 3, releasing Byron “Blurr” Murray who is on his way to join G2 and Pedro “Thuunder” Muniz. As reported before, one of the players the team will get is leadr from Tenstar.

- Nathan “Nathan” Sharp
- Jordan “Kayak” Morley
- Jamie “Skiddy” Diamond
- Leadr

Edoardo “t3b” Treglia