Report: Cloud9 to disband Valorant academy team

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Modified  26 Jul, 05:22
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North American esports organization Cloud9 has released its Valorant academy roster, Dot Esports reported.

According to the outlet's informed sources, Cloud9 has proposed academy players to look for new opportunities.

At this time, only three players (Michael "poiz" Possis, Chase "nillyaz" Linder, and Tanner "geeza" McGhee) remain in the Cloud9 Valorant academy lineup. One of them, poiz, has already thanked Cloud9 and announced that he is now looking for a new team.

The main reason for disbanding is the new Riot games partnership program. The new circuit makes it more difficult for teams to qualify for international and regional leagues.

This program has caused the disbanding of a number of teams, BLIX.GG reported.