Sources: Alliance set to reinvest heavily into VALORANT despite not making International League

Published  22 Sep, 10:46
Reading time  ~1  min

Alliance's goal is to join the EMEA international league in the coming years.

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According to sources close to the organization, Alliance will invest heavily in VALORANT by 2023. Many organizations left the VALORANT competitive scene upon receiving the news that they had not been selected for the Riot Games franchise system.

However, Alliance's case will be the opposite to many other organizations; they will reinvest much more money to build a winning roster to promote to the VALORANT EMEA partnership program in 2023.

The plans for the Alliance roster will be to maintain a core of 3 Nordic players, as they are likely to stay in the Polaris league, and will explore offers in North America and EMEA to form the best possible roster.

Alliance has formed along its stay in valorant high level players like Fearoth, player who is on loan to Fnatic or like Seider in FPX. If they live up to expectations we will see Alliance competing in Valorant for many more years to come.