Sources: BBL Esports accepted into Valorant Partnership Program

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The acceptance period for VCT EMEA 2023 partnership is finally over, and the ten teams selected for franchising have been chosen. Here in BLIX, we will inform you about all the different teams that will join this highly awaited league in 2023.

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The website will be updated during the day today with all of the teams selected, so make sure to follow BLIX.GG to not miss anything.

The eighth known team to join the VCT EMEA Partnership Program would be BBL, the current leading esports organization in Turkey. The Turkish organizations was founded in 2020 by Ferit "wtcN" Karakaya, Kemalcan "Kendine Müzisyen" Parlak and Okan "Oidemirel" Demirel. BBL is currently the biggest and most successful esports organization in Turkey. Other than VALORANT, BBL also has a roster in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

BBL is also the most well known Turkish organization in VALORANT, the organization entered VALORANT back in July of 2020 signing the five man roster consisting of cNed, Kero, LEGOO, AsLanM4shadoW and russ. BBL started off with great success, winning VALORANT First Strike in Turkey 3–0 against Futbolist. Unfortunately they would fall to Futbolist during VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 1 Masters 1 grand finals. Throughout international play, BBL has been the defining team for Turkish VALORANT having shown glimmers of potentially making it to the big majors. In 2021 BBL announced the signing of their female roster consisting of Dilara, Banshee, Eva, Cassiex3 and Xecriona join with t1n as coach. Much like the male roster, they would undergo several changes since.

We also previously reports that teams in Valorant's Franchise League won't be allowed to field an academy team.

Cover image credit: BBL Esports / Twitter