Sources: Febiven signs with Mirage Elyandra and will return to competitive to secure the LFL spot

Modified  25 Jul, 10:09
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The move is pending approval from Riot Games.

Fabian "FEBIVEN" Diepstraten will return to League of Legends competition after not competing since July 2021 in Fnatic's academy.

The midlaner will return to summoners Rift but in a different league, the LFL. The move would come after a bad result for Mirage Elyandra, with a record of 2 wins and 14 losses.

The addition of Febiven would not be the only one for this summer split 2022. The Netherland player would join Soaz in the additions, although Soaz will remain in the role of positional Coach for the moment, while Fabian would replace midlaner Kim "RangJun" Sang-jun in the relegation phase of the LFL.

Some time ago BLIX.GG reported the entry of a new investor and current owner of the Mirage Elyandra spot.