Sources: Striker will no longer be the head coach of Karmine Corp for 2023

Modified  14 Sep, 14:12
Reading time  ~2  mins

French coach will no longer be the head coach of Karmine Corp for the next year 2023.

According to sources close to the organization Yanis "Striker" Kella will no longer be linked to the Karmine Corp organization by 2023. This would mean the separation of a relationship with Karmine Corp that lasted two years.

While Striker was at the helm, Karmine Corp had achieve 3 EU Masters, a LFL and very good performances during the last two years. This is a feat to be admired as it is the only team to have won more than one EU Masters since its creation.

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Karmine Corp is in negotiations with Astralis to enter the LEC, as LEC Wooloo reported a few days ago. According to close sources, nothing has been signed yet and the next few days will be very important for this move, but for the moment nothing has been decided.

We will try to inform about the status of the agreement later, as well as the possible changes in the roster of both teams in case they occur.