TOP-5 Best Supports Champions in LOL ever

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Support in League of Legends is essential, but it is a very thankless job. Nothing good comes out of the game without the intervention of support.

There are three categories of support champions: Engagers, Poke, and Enchanters. Enchanters, such as Soraka or Nami, support the bot lane with healing and shields during the laning phase. However, they cannot fight Engagers. However, this is not a problem for poke support. Engagers - Alistar, Leona, and others - have advantages over the previous category but cannot defeat poke support due to their lower HP. Poke such as Zyra and Brand force enemies to spend potions or heal with their ranged abilities. They're also pretty good at exploding. It's just that Enchanters have more mana. That's why Poke can't handle them (but they're good against Engagers). So, knowing that…

Best 5 Support Champions in LoL

  1. Janna
  2. Lulu
  3. Nami
  4. Rell
  5. Zilean


This hero should be considered separately and in as much detail as possible when reviewing the best support in the game. She is powerful, though sometimes complicated to master. Excellent crowd control with three mechanics. The rune allows immobilization abilities to emit three beams of ice in different directions, defining frozen zones. Within these zones, enemies are slowed, and their damage is reduced by fifteen percent. The other three runes are also very useful:

  • Magical Footwear, at the twelfth minute, will give free boots. Small thrift, but save anyway.
  • Cookie delivery will help restore mana and health.
  • Cosmic understanding lowers the cooldown of items and spells.

Eye of the Storm (E) will give Janna the ability to cover allies with a powerful shield. Hence her Ability priority is R>E>W>Q. Marshmallow helps move faster in passive mode, and playfully it slows down selected enemies and deals damage. In terms of the filler tree, grab Font of Life and Revitalize to retain more substantial CC and shields, respectively.

To play as Janna, a player needs to survive without taking damage at the beginning of the game, which is problematic. Fortunately, she has a good self-defense kit. In a team game, it's essential to use the ultimate to provide utility and healing. If the game is about to be lost, the Ultimate should knock the attacking enemies aside to save the allies.


Lulu is also a good support option. She has excellent crowd control, but her positioning will have to be tricky. Lulu needs maximum mana, you need to speed up abilities, and you need to choose runes accordingly. Lulu can polymorph enemies, making them unable to cast spells, and can help an ally escape danger with a movement speed buff. It works best with shooters and hyper-carriers - it increases their attack speed. Perfect for roaming the map and focusing on targets. Lulu should always go for R>E>W>Q.


Nami is also good; she has a lot of crowd control and heavy damage, and she buffs allies' attacks. But you should coordinate with your partners very carefully to maximize the combo. And with the Imperial Mandate item, Nami is by far the best! Nami is a universal champion that works in almost any team composition. However, she requires maximum mana, so you should be careful with your mana. She doesn't really have any ability scaling, so it's crucial to speed up, not buff. And Nami should go R>W>E>Q.


Rell is one of the best activists in the game, but her lack of teamwork can backfire. In battle, Rell will block multiple targets at once, chase an enemy who has jumped to the side and quickly set upambushes. As a result, the primary task when playing with this champion is to force the fight and block all of your targets while positioning your hero correctly. And, of course, crowd control! Evenshroud increases the damage of immobilized champions. On Rell, the usual leveling order is R>W>Q>E.


Zilean is a versatile support that can deal massive damage to enemies with his abilities! It would be best to work on your mana reserve - it will come in handy, and time bombs will eat it up. And don't indulge in walking on water - it increases damage in the river, where Zilean usually fights a lot. And because enemies know that Zilean's Ult will give him or an ally a second life, they will try to kill him first and as quickly as possible. Players need to maneuver around the field as much as possible! When playing Zilean, the ability priority is R>Q>E>W.

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