All About Agents in Valorant: Best Agents for Beginners

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Welcome to Blix's comprehensive guide on the best Valorant Agents for beginners. As the Blix team, we understand that starting in Valorant can be daunting due to its diverse cast of Agents and complex strategies. We have already explored which Agents are generally the most popular.

This article is essential and beneficial for newcomers, as it focuses on agents that are proven to be easy to learn and effective in gameplay. We selected these Agents based on their simplicity, team utility, and flexibility in various situations, ensuring you can quickly adapt and contribute to your team.

Also, opening new agents requires some effort, and although we wrote how to do it, a vast pool of Agents is unavailable for the newbie. By reading this guide, you'll gain insights into each Agent's abilities, strategic usage, and tips for improving your gameplay, setting a solid foundation for your Valorant journey.


  • Explanation of the Role of Agents
  • Criteria for Selecting beginner-friendly Agents
  • An in-depth look at each class of Agents
  • Specific strategies for playing each recommended Agent
  • Training tips for faster skills improvement

Valorant, developed by Riot Games, is a popular tactical first-person shooter. It was released in 2020 and features precise shooting mechanics and unique character abilities. Players choose from a roster of Agents, each with distinct skills. The game revolves around two teams of five players, one attacking and the other defending. The primary objective is to plant or prevent the detonation of a bomb (called the Spike) or to eliminate the opposing team. Each round requires strategic planning, accurate shooting, and clever use of abilities.

Criteria for Choosing Agents for Beginners


When choosing an Agent as a beginner, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure a smooth learning experience and effective team contribution. These criteria include:

  • Ease of Learning

The Agent should have straightforward abilities that are easy to understand and use effectively.

  • Team Utility

The Agent should provide valuable support to the team, such as healing, survey, or area control.

  • Ability Management

Abilities should be intuitive and straightforward enough to manage during high-pressure situations.

  • Versatility

The Agent should be effective in various scenarios and adaptable to different playstyles and map layouts.

The Role of Agents in the Game

We have a thorough role-explaining article, but in Valorant, Agents are categorized into four main classes: Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Sentinels. Each class plays a distinct role in the team's strategy and has unique abilities catering to different gameplay aspects. And remember our article about solo-queue Agents - most of them are also beginner-friendly and are present here!

  • Duelists

Duelists in Valorant are offensive agents designed to engage enemies, secure kills, and create space for their team. They have abilities for self-sustain, mobility, and offensive power. Knowing when to push and leveraging their capabilities effectively are crucial to playing Duelists.

  • Initiators

Initiators are essential for disrupting enemy defenses, gathering information, revealing enemy positions, disorienting opponents, and creating openings for their team.

  • Controllers

Controllers manipulate the battlefield to their team's advantage by deploying smoke, walls, and other tools to control chokepoints and direct the flow of battle. They are vital for executing strategic plays and maintaining map control.

  • Sentinels

Sentinels focus on locking down areas and providing support through healing, surveillance, and crowd control. They are crucial for securing key positions, protecting teammates, and countering enemy advances.

Valorant Roles Explained + Tips for Each Agent Type

Best Agents for Beginners


Selecting the right Agent as a beginner can significantly impact your learning experience and match effectiveness. Here are some of the best Agents for beginners in each class, with a detailed explanation of their abilities and why they are well-suited for new players:


Jett is a highly mobile Duelist with abilities that allow for quick movement and surprise attacks.

You can read a guide for her separately, and here are her abilities in detail:


This ability allows Jett to throw a projectile that expands into a brief vision-blocking cloud upon impact. It's ideal for creating cover when moving through open areas or engaging enemies.


With this ability, Jett propels herself upward, allowing for high-ground advantages or surprising enemies from unexpected angles.


Jett dashes a short distance in the direction she is moving, which can be used to escape danger or quickly close the distance on an enemy.

Blade Storm

Jett equips a set of highly accurate throwing knives that deal moderate damage and can headshot opponents. These knives are replenished upon killing an enemy, making this ability lethal in the right hands.

Jett is great for new players who struggle with positioning. Her abilities provide vision-obscuring, dash for escaping, vantage point reach, and aim practice without traditional firearms.

Phoenix is another Duelist with abilities that emphasize self-sufficiency and area control. Here are his abilities:

Hot Hands

Phoenix throws a fireball that explodes after a delay or upon impact with the ground, creating a zone of fire that damages enemies and heals Phoenix.


This ability creates a wall of fire that blocks vision and damages anyone passing through it. The wall can be curved while casting.


Phoenix throws a flashbang that curves around corners, blinding all players who look at it. It can be cast to the left or right.

Run It Back

Phoenix marks his current location. If he is killed during the ability's duration or when it expires, he is reborn at the marked area with total health.

Phoenix is an excellent choice for new players. Like Hot Hands and Blaze, his abilities help beginners sustain themselves in battles. Curveball teaches the importance of using corners and terrain, and Run It Back allows for risky plays without permanent death.



Sova is an Initiator focused on gathering intelligence and disrupting enemy movements. Here are his abilities:

Shock Bolt

Sova fires an explosive bolt that emits an electric pulse upon impact, damaging enemies caught in its radius.

Recon Bolt

This ability fires a sonar-emitting arrow that reveals the location of enemies within its line of sight.

Owl Drone

Sova deploys a controllable drone to fly around and tag enemies, revealing their positions.

Hunter's Fury

Sova fires three long-range energy blasts that travel through walls, damaging and revealing enemies.

Sova's abilities focus on information gathering, which is crucial for new players. Recon Bolt and Owl Drone help anticipate enemy movements, while Shock Bolt deals with damage and controls areas. Hunter's Fury teaches the importance of positioning and timing. Overall, Sova's toolkit encourages map awareness and strategic thinking.

  • Fade

Fade is another Initiator whose abilities focus on crowd control and intel gathering. √Together with Jett, they make a great duo for Lotus map; by the way, here are her abilities:


Fade throws a dark orb that reveals enemies in its line of sight when it lands.


This ability creates a zone that traps and deafens enemies caught in its area of effect.


Fade releases a creature that chases down enemies and blinds them if it catches them.


This ultimate sends out a wave of dark energy that depletes enemy health and reveals their location.

Fade is excellent for new players with her disruption and information-gathering abilities. Haunt provides enemy intel, Seize controls enemy movement, Prowler chases and blinds enemies, and Nightfall depletes health and reveals enemy locations. It's an excellent way for beginners to learn about timing and positioning.



Brimstone is a Controller with abilities that excel in area control and support. Here are his abilities:


Brimstone launches a grenade that explodes into a damaging fire field upon landing.

Sky Smoke

This ability allows Brimstone to deploy multiple smoke clouds at specific locations, blocking vision.

Stim Beacon

Brimstone throws a beacon that increases fire rate and speed for all players within its radius.

Orbital Strike

This ultimate calls down a laser strike from orbit, dealing massive damage over time in a selected area.

Brimstone's abilities are straightforward and effective for controlling the battlefield. Sky Smoke provides easy-to-use vision blocks for map control and sightlines. Incendiary denies areas, preventing enemy advancement. Stim Beacon boosts team performance, teaching the value of support. Orbital Strike is a powerful tool for area denial and critical moments.

Omen is a versatile Controller who uses stealth and deception. Here are his abilities:

Shrouded Step

Omen teleport a short distance, allowing for repositioning and surprise attacks.


This ability sends out a shadowy projectile that blinds and deafens all players it passes through.

Dark Cover

Omen throws a sphere of shadow that creates a long-lasting smoke screen, blocking vision.

From the Shadows

Omen's ultimate lets him teleport anywhere on the map. He will return to his original location if he is killed during the teleport.

Omen is excellent for new players, with his versatile kit offering mobility, smoke screens, disruption, and repositioning abilities.



Sage is a Sentinel known for her healing and defensive abilities.

Barrier Orb

Sage creates a solid wall that can be rotated and placed to block paths or create cover.

Slow Orb

This ability creates a slowing field that reduces the movement speed of anyone caught in its area.

Healing Orb

Sage can heal herself or an ally over time, restoring their health.


Sage ultimately revives a dead teammate with total health.

Sage's abilities are highly supportive and straightforward, making her ideal for new players. The Healing Orb keeps the team healthy, the Barrier Orb provides cover and teaches defensive positioning, the Slow Orb hinders enemy movement, and the Resurrection can turn the tide of battle.

Cypher is a Sentinel focused on surveillance and area control. We have a bigger guide for him, but for now, here are his abilities:


Cypher places a tripwire between two walls, restraining and revealing enemies who trigger it.

Cyber Cage

This ability creates a zone that blocks vision and slows enemies who pass through it.


Cypher deploys a camera that can be used to watch areas and tag enemies with a dart.

Neural Theft

Cypher's ultimate reveals the locations of all living enemies by using the corpse of a dead enemy.

Cypher is excellent for new players, focusing on gathering information and controlling areas. His abilities teach about strategic placement, area denial, map awareness, and enemy positioning. Neural Theft provides critical information for strategic planning.

Strategies for Playing Each Agent


To play each Agent effectively, it is crucial to understand their abilities and how they fit into the team's overall strategy. Here are some essential tactics and strategies, tips for team interaction, and common mistakes to avoid for each class and specific Agents:



Remember to use Jett effectively by utilizing her mobility to surprise enemies. Use Tailwind and Updraft to move quickly and gain high ground. Deploy Cloudburst for cover and use Blade Storm for high-damage attacks. Communicate with your team to avoid isolation and be cautious when outnumbered.


Phoenix is self-sufficient and effective in area control. Use Curveball to blind enemies, Blaze to block vision and heal, and Run It Back as a second chance in risky plays. Coordinate with your team to maximize utility and avoid reckless ability use without team backup.



As a Sova, gather intel and disrupt enemies. Use Recon Bolt to reveal enemy positions, Owl Drone for scouting, and Hunter's Fury for post-plant scenarios. Communicate gathered intel for coordinated actions and use abilities wisely.


Fade's abilities focus on crowd control and intel gathering. Haunt reveals enemy positions and forces them out of hiding. Prowlers chase and blind enemies, creating openings for your team. Nightfall disorients and weakens enemies, making it easier to engage them. Coordinate with your team to use these abilities effectively for successful engagements. Controllers



Brimstone excels in area control and support. Use Sky Smoke to block sightlines and control the battlefield, Stim Beacon boosts fire rate and speed, and Orbital Strike denies areas. Communicate with your team for practical use and avoid placing smoke haphazardly.


Omen is versatile with stealth and deception. Use Dark Cover to obscure vision, Paranoia to blind enemies through walls, Shrouded Step for quick repositioning, and From the Shadows to teleport anywhere on the map. Communication with your team is crucial for coordinating movements and smoke placements. Avoid overextending without backup to stay safe. And by the way, read our guide for another Controller - Harbor, which is quite useful.



Sage specializes in healing and defense. Use Barrier Orb to block critical areas and Slow Orb to hinder enemy movements. Healing Orb keeps teammates in the fight, and Resurrection can revive a crucial player. Coordinate with your team for maximum effectiveness. Avoid using Resurrection in exposed areas to prevent immediate elimination.


Cypher uses Trapwires, Cyber Cages, Spycams, and Neural Theft to control areas and gather intel. Communicate with your team and avoid prominent trap placements.

Tips for Training and Improving Skills


Improving your skills in Valorant requires dedication, practice, and the right resources. Here are some practical ways to train and enhance your gameplay:

Practice Modes in the Game

Valorant offers several practice modes that can help you hone your skills:

  • Shooting Range

Use the shooting range to practice your aim, reflexes, and recoil control. Try different weapons and work on headshots for maximum effectiveness.

  • Agent Abilities

Practice using your chosen Agent's abilities on the training grounds. Learn the best ways to deploy them and understand their range and effects.

  • Custom Games

Create custom games to practice specific scenarios with friends or alone. This can help you get comfortable with map layouts and common engagement points.

Training Resources

Improving your skills in Valorant goes beyond in-game practice. Utilizing external resources can significantly enhance your gameplay and understanding of the game. Here are some specific sites that provide valuable training resources:

Valorant Official YouTube Channel

The official YouTube channel of Valorant offers tutorials, updates, and gameplay tips straight from the developers. It's an excellent starting point for understanding game mechanics and new agent introductions.

Aim Lab

Aim Lab is a free-to-use aim trainer available on Steam. It offers various exercises to improve your aiming skills, reflexes, and precision, which are crucial for success in Valorant. provides comprehensive guides, Agent builds, and real-time game insights. The site offers tailored tips based on your gameplay, helping you improve specific areas.


ProGuides offers coaching sessions, video tutorials, and guides from professional players. The platform is ideal for learning advanced tactics and improving strategic gameplay.

Valorant Subreddit

The Valorant subreddit is a community-driven platform where players share tips, tricks, and strategies. It's a great place to ask questions, find guides, and stay updated with the latest game news.


Mobalytics provides performance analytics, agent tier lists, and gameplay guides. The site offers in-depth breakdowns of agent abilities and best practices for each map.

Valorant University Discord

Valorant University is a Discord community dedicated to helping players improve. It offers coaching sessions, scrim opportunities, and educational content.

What Are The Common Questions about Agents in Valorant?

Which agents are best for specific maps?

Different maps in Valorant have unique layouts that can favor specific Agents. For example, Cypher and Killjoy are particularly effective on maps with many choke points due to their defensive capabilities. Controllers like Brimstone and Omen are versatile and practical on most maps because of their smoke abilities.

Which agents are the easiest for beginners?

Phoenix and Sage are often recommended for beginners. Phoenix's straightforward and self-sustaining abilities make him a forgiving choice for new players. Sage's healing and resurrection abilities provide significant team utility, making her an invaluable support character.

How can I quickly improve my gameplay?

To quickly improve, focus on consistent practice, learn from experienced players, and engage in regular self-review. Utilize in-game practice modes, watch tutorials, and participate in community discussions to gather tips and strategies. Setting specific goals and maintaining a positive mindset are also crucial for rapid improvement.

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