How to Unlock New Agents in Valorant

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The abilities of the Agent the player chooses to play with determine the player's success in Valorant. And since each Agent has different skills, players must unlock them all to be ready in any situation and with any style of play.

In this article, we have prepared a guide on how to get all the Agents in Valorant.


  • A detailed guide on how to get new Agents in Valorant; an explanation of the ways to unlock Agents in 2024
  • Overview of Agents that are best to open for beginners
  • Patch 8.01 Tier List

How Many Valorant Agents Are There?

Riot has given the game 23 agents so far. Most recently, the character Iso was added to the game, marking the end of Episode 7.

All agents in Valorant are divided into four classes: Duelist, Guardian, Initiator, and Controller. A well-balanced team usually consists of one Agent from each class. Under these conditions, it is most likely to achieve a goal in the game. Each Agent class has its unique abilities. Although there is some overlap, specific skills remain in the same class of Agents.

How to Unlock All Agents in Valorant

There are only four ways to unlock characters in the game.

The Free Welcome Contract And Agent Contract

To unlock a new character, the player must fulfill a Welcome Contract. A contract is a unique quest system in which the player receives cosmetic items, points, and agents to gain a certain amount of experience.

Each contract consists of 10 stages, each requiring experience to complete. Agents are available at levels 5 and 10.

Players need to gain 72,000 XP to get two Agents in the game. This amount of XP can be obtained in less than a week if you complete all daily and weekly tasks.

There are also Agent Contracts. The total cost of XP to complete the contract is 975,000 XP. But to unlock the Agent, players must first reach level 5, which costs 200,000 XP.

Valorant Points

It happens that players want to unlock a new Agent but want to avoid getting XP. In this case, players can acquire characters for a fixed fee of 1,000 Valorant Points.

To do this, select the Agent to purchase and step 5 of the contract. Pay 1000 Valorant Points, and the hero becomes available.

Kingdom Credits

Players can use Kingdom Credits to purchase agents. Each Agent costs 8,000 Kingdom Credits, which can be obtained by playing any game mode, completing daily rewards, and gaining certain agent levels.

Agent Recruitment Event

An agent recruitment event is automatically triggered when a new agent appears in the game. To be rewarded with a newly released agent, you must accumulate 200,000 XP in 28 days.

Which Valorant Agents Should Players Unlock First?

Usually, when you first start playing a new game, the wide selection of anything can be confusing. It is essential to avoid making a mistake when choosing an Agent and try to get one that suits the player and will match his skills.

Therefore, you can find those best suited for beginner players in this list.

Omen | Controller

Most of Omen's abilities are easy to use. Omen can teleport anywhere within a short distance, which puts them in the best position to destroy enemies. It can blind opponents and blur their vision.

Killjoy | Sentinel

Killjoy is weaker on the attack. But she can keep an eye on the flanks and clear corners. Not to mention, her Lockdown is a great way to put pressure on sites. She excels at gathering information.

Yoru | Duelist

Yoru is good at creating fake footsteps and sonic signals. This Agent's unique abilities allow him to become invisible and teleport long distances.

Fade | Initiator

Fade has unusual abilities - he intimidates the enemy, deprives them of hearing, and even reveals enemy positions. For a newcomer, this character is a great find.

Patch 8.01 Valorant Agent Tier List


Raze, Skye, Viper, Cypher


Sova, Jett, Omen, Killjoy, Phoenix, Breach


Yoru, KAY/O, Astra, Neon, Chamber, Reyna


Fade, Gekko, Brimstone, Sage


Harbor, Deadlock, Iso


You need to score points quickly to unlock agents as soon as possible. Try games such as "Unrated" and "Competitive," where players get up to 200 experiences per round, and the game sessions themselves do not last that long. And even if you still need to improve, you can get 100 XP for participating.

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