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Bulldog is the cheapest assault rifle in the game. It costs just 2100 credits and is ideal for mid-range shooting and even better at close ranges. However, it is worth noting that it has less damage and accuracy than the Vandal and Phantom.

The Bulldog's rate of fire is 9.15 rounds/sec at elemental fire. Like FAMAS in CS2, the Bulldog's recoil is low and easy to control. When using alternate fire, the Bulldog turns into another rifle with a scope that fires three bullets per turn.

Every player wants to personalize their gaming experience, and they often ask about the top Bulldog skins in Valorant on Reddit. Because the internet has little data, this article solves the problem of selecting the best skin.

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By the way, Valorant has started beta testing for consoles. Here's a link to a Twitter post


  • List of the ten best Bulldog skins in Valorant
  • Details on the release date, color options, animation videos, and price of each skin in this list


Glitchpop | Bulldog

Release Date: August 5, 2020

Variants: Default, Blue, Red, Gold

Price: 2175 VP

Collection: Glitchpop

Episode + Act: Episode 1, Act 2

The Glitchpop collection is popular among players, as proven by the many comments on Reddit about which skin is best for each gun.

On the last kill of the round, the finisher animation is played. The victim explodes, leaving holographic stickers in the air around him.

Finisher animation

Protocol 781-A

Protocol 781-A | Bulldog

Release Date: January 11, 2022

Variants: Default, Green, Red Blue, White Pink

Price: 2475 VP

Collection: Protocol 781-A

Episode + Act: Episode 4, Act 1

The most important thing that makes this skin unique is the AI-based voice cues. Despite the high price, the set offers five upgrade levels with new effects and dual soundtracks.

The final kill replays the kill animation—a robot is summoned that shoots the victim and then patrols and scans the neighborhood.

When this collection came out, the community was ecstatic. That delight remains to this day.

Finisher animation


Oni | Bulldog

Release Date: March 7, 2023

Variants: Default, Kumo, Hana, Tsubame

Price: 1775 VP

Collection: Oni

Episode + Act: Episode 6, Act 2

Oni refers to Japanese mythology, where Oni are evil demons with horns and fangs.

The final kill animation shows the victim becoming an Oni masked ghost with the victim chained to the ground with samurai blades. Music will play during this final strike.

Many players wanted to see more weapons in Oni's collection, but it turned out the way it did.

Finisher animation


Araxys | Bulldog

Release Date: January 10, 2023

Variants: Default, Purple, Black, Silver

Price: 2175 VP

Collection: Araxys

Episode + Act: Episode 6, Act 1

This set is highly regarded in the Valorant community, and many players speculate that the science fiction novel and subsequent Dune movie series inspired it.

Finisher animation

Radiant Entertainment System

Radiant Entertainment System | Bulldog

Release Date: April 26, 2023

Variants: Default, Dance Fever, K.nock O.ut!!

Price: 2475 VP

Collection: Radiant Entertainment System

Episode + Act: Episode 6, Act 3

Each skin variant has its finisher animation and music. In Dance Fever - a dance floor is summoned, and the victim dances to the rhythm, while in the K.nock O.ut!!! variant, a fighter is summoned and throws the victim into the air.

Fans have said that Valorant stole the ideas for this skin and a few others. If you're interested in this discussion, we'll link you to Reddit.

Finisher animation

Nunca Olvidados

Nunca Olvidados | Bulldog

Release Date: October 20, 2021

Variants: Default, Living, Eternal

Price: 1275 VP

Collection: Nunca Olvidados

Episode + Act: Episode 3, Act 2

This weapon was created in honor of the Mexican festival Día de los Muertos, during which participants honor all the dead. As in the NO LIMITS set, the Nunca Olvidados skins have two styles that change directly during play.

The community has received a good deal of these skins.


Cryostasis | Bulldog

Release Date: December 6, 2022

Variants: Default

Price: 1775 VP

Collection: Cryostasis

Episode + Act: Episode 5, Act 3

The kill animation is very cool. The victim is frozen in place, and the ground around her is covered in frost. The visual effect is fascinating: the weapon accumulates frost on itself as if covered with ice.

Finisher animation


Endeavour | Bulldog

Release Date: March 22, 2022

Variants: Default

Price: 875 VP

Collection: Endeavour

Episode + Act: Episode 4, Act 2

This is the most budget-friendly skin on our list. It doesn't have any unique sound or animation effects, but for its price, Endeavour Bulldog is suitable for players who want to spend less money on Valorant.

Fans consider this collection of skins to be extremely underrated.


Spectrum | Bulldog

Release Date: September 8, 2021

Variants: Default, Black, Red, Pink

Price: 2675 VP

Collection: Spectrum

Episode + Act: Episode 3, Act 2

The uniqueness of this skin lies in its unusual design, which gives the impression that Bulldog has become much more massive. The community loves the whole collection of these skins and finds them stylish.

Finisher animation


Shimmer| Bulldog

Release Date: June 22, 2021

Variants: Default, Gold, Red, Teal

Price: Battle Pass

Collection: Shimmer

Episode + Act: Episode 5, Act 1

The community loves this elegant skin for its glamorous, girly vibe. It's an unusual color for a weapon, plus it's completely shimmery. But anything can happen in Valorant.

How to Choose the Best Bulldog Skin


To choose the best skin for a Bulldog, pay attention to the sound effects when shot and ensure that this sound will be pleasant to you and will not interfere.

The animation plays a significant role when the last enemy is killed. There are a lot of animations in the game, and you can find the one that suits you. This is what will improve your gaming experience.

However, remember that Valorant weapon skins do not change weapon characteristics (damage, wall penetration, weight, etc.) and recoil characteristics, and nothing can change them.

However, players recognize that visual effects change how they see weapons, affecting their movement and possibly some decisions in the game.

What Are Common Buldog Questions?

What Are the Best Bulldog Skins in Valorant?

Players are most fond of the Spectrum, Glitchpop, and Protocol 781-A collections.

How Can I Purchase Skins in Valorant?

It would help if you opened the in-game store. To do this, start the game, click on the "Shop" tab in the main menu, and select the skin you want to buy. Pay attention to the price, rarity, and features.

Click on the "Buy Skin" button, and if you have enough Valorant points, you can purchase the skin immediately. If you need more points, you can buy them directly from the store. To do this, click the "Buy" button with the Valorant Points logo next to it.

What Makes a Valorant Skin Rare?

Players value rare and exclusive variants that can no longer be purchased in the in-game store. To get such a skin, you must buy an account where they are available. However, transferring these to third parties violates Riot Games' terms of use.

Arcane Sheriff, Valorant Champions Collection 2021, and Valorant Champions 2022 and 2023 are skins. As well as some others.

How Do I Get the Elderflame Bulldog Skin in Valorant?

The Elderflame skin is Valorant's first ultra-edition skin. You'll have to wait for Night Market; this skin may appear there, but you can't buy it in the in-game store anymore.

Which Valorant Skin Is the Most Popular?

You can check out our article TOP-10 Most Popular And Sought-After Skins In Valorant 2024.

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