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    There are a lot of weapons in Valorant, and all of them are different. Because it's your weapon of choice that can make you the menace of the game - or, conversely, leave you an unknown dilettante! So what is the best gun to use in Valorant? It's important to choose your weapon responsibly and find the perfect weapon for the price/quality ratio... But which one to choose? And how much will it cost? However, this list should ease the choice. And to remain clear - here goes the top 10 of the best weapons in Valorant, pros and cons of each!

    Top 10 Best Valorant Weapons

    • Phantom
    • Vandal
    • Operator
    • Spectre
    • Ghost
    • Bulldog
    • Odin
    • Bucky
    • Sheriff
    • Marshall


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    For starters, the Phantom assault rifle costs 2900 VP. Such a weapon is universal - a good answer for “what's the best gun in Valorant?”. It can simply come in handy in any situation! And the Phantom is considered one of the two best rifles of this type in the entire game. The stock size is quite large, and the recoil, on the contrary, is low. And at the same time - the rate of fire is high - as many as eleven shots per second! With such a rifle, any team can be quickly put down. There is only one minus: beyond a distance of fifteen meters, the gun's damage begins to fall. So it's up to the players to decide whether they need a rifle, which is, perhaps, the most effective of all... but only up close.



    The developers are asking for the same amount, 2900 VP, for the Vandal. This weapon has even higher damage potential than the Phantom! But in general, Vandal is considered much less stable. The fact is that a player who has already sufficiently developed all the necessary skills and can hit the head directly without any problems can play using Vandal. The Vandal produces quite a noticeable jolt when it is fired. Its hits are less accurate than those of the assault rifle described above. And the mag is small too. Therefore, if a player goes with Vandal, he needs to be sure in his mastership to hit the target right away. That can inflict more severe damage!


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    Those who keep thinking that the question “what is the best gun in Valorant?” - is a question of price, you can take the Operator. It costs 4500 VP but is unique. It can simply destroy the enemy with one shot. If a bullet fired from the Operator hits the character above the waist, he will be killed immediately! So, for long-range battles, this is an utterly luxurious must-have weapon. And it's easy to take enemies by surprise with it! Just keep in mind that the Operator is a sniper rifle. Clearly, only some people know how to handle it. A simple law applies here: one shot always means one hit, which means one kill. But a bullet can easily miss...


    Image: Valorantstrike

    For only 1600 VP, a player can get a Spectre weapon. It has a truly enormous power! Its fire rate reaches a speed of 13.2 shots every second! Thus, its owner can destroy everyone in a firefight at close range. But it is worth remembering that it is a submachine gun, so you must take several shots. Twice in the head and once in the body for a guaranteed kill! But the Spectre will be the best option if the budget is limited, and 1600 points is the maximum a player can offer for the weapon. For that price, it's definitely the best!


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    And if we talk about cheap weapons, then it is worth mentioning the Ghost. It will cost the player only 500 VP for almost the best gun in Valorant! If the enemy does not have a shield, then the Ghost can destroy another player with a single headshot. If he has protection, the gun will need two shots. The magazine size is quite large and can store a lot of cartridges. Just remember, it's a pistol, not an assault rifle. Therefore, it costs only 500 points, although it is capable of much for such an inexpensive weapon.


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    Let's move on to expensive weapons! So, the Bulldog is worth as much as 2100 VP. A great alternative to more expensive assault rifles! Bulldog shoots at a speed of 9.5 shots per second. And if the Bulldog hits the head, the distance does not matter - from absolutely any length, this guarantees 116 damage! Of course, there will be no guaranteed kill from a headshot. Yes, and the rate of fire is relatively low... There are only twenty-four bullets in the magazine. But the Bulldog is the cheapest assault rifle in Valorant, so it makes sense.


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    Odin is already more expensive - 3200 VP. This is a machine gun, and many players prefer Bulldog instead of Odin - after all, an assault rifle that costs less! But Odin is beautiful, even though it is just a machine gun. It shoots at a speed of 15.6 shots per second, and to destroy an enemy, you need to shoot twice in the head. It is worth remembering, however, that the effectiveness of assault rifles is high, and players should calculate their budget well. In many cases, paying for Bulldog will be cheaper than spending money on Odin.


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    Pay attention, of course, to the shotguns. For example, Bucky is worth 900 VP. The player can kill absolutely anyone from a Bucky at a distance of fifteen meters, which means this weapon is undoubtedly mighty in close combat. At the beginning of the round, fighting with Bucky is the way to go! Then you can change weapons.


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    It is possible to buy a Sheriff even cheaper - it costs only 800 VP! The gun is potent. It hits enemies from a distance of thirty meters! Alas, killing this pistol with one shot after 30 meters is impossible, even if it directly hits the head. And the recoil is pretty high too. This gun is not recommended for beginners but for more experienced players. But in skillful hands, it is a reliable weapon!


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    And finally, for 1100 VP, players can purchase the Marshal. In general, this is something like the Operator described above, only a bit simpler and cheaper. Marshal has many disadvantages. It does not guarantee a clean shot. But in low-budget rounds, it's perfect: other players usually use much less powerful weapons there! Also, you can use the Marshal to tag enemy players to make it easier for allies to kill them. The kill is guaranteed if you hit the Marshal in the head from any distance. Therefore, if the player shoots accurately, Marshal will be the best gun in Valorant for him: both budget and effective.

    To wrap up the list, let's stress the obvious. Valorant is a well-balanced game. It is almost impossible to point out a single best or worst gun. Price, combat situation, and player's skills - all come into the picture. The only universal advice is, "Learn every weapon separately." So go on, train and evaluate!

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