Future of Skins in Valorant: Upcoming Releases in 2024

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The gaming landscape is poised for a thrilling evolution. Valorant is introducing new content that promises to captivate its global community. This array of upcoming features includes innovative weapon skins. Plus, there are potential collaborations. Significant gameplay adjustments underpin all of this. Let's delve into these exciting updates with more structure and detail.


  • The XERØFANG bundle for Lunar New Year 2024 is available for a limited time
  • MK. VII Liberty Collection teased, including various weapon skins, is expected to be released on February 21
  • Rumored Valorant-Gundam collaboration suggests anime-themed weapon skins

Limited Lunar New Year 2024 XERØFANG Bundle

New Year 2024 XERØFANG Bundle

That is not the news of the possible future releases, but action the information that may require immediate action, so we start with it,

VALORANT has launched the XERØFANG bundle for the Lunar New Year 2024 celebration to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. Riot Games officially unveiled the bundle under the name XERØFANG. Various leaks previously teased the bundle, which blends luxury with deadly allure.

Aligned with the Lunar New Year celebrations starting February 10, 2024, the XERØFANG bundle was available on February 7. It will remain in the shop for a limited 14-day period, concluding with the store's reset on February 21. Players should note that this exclusive bundle is unlikely to appear in the Night Market anytime soon. This makes it a unique opportunity to acquire these celebratory items.

Contents of The Bundle

  • Ghost
  • Vandal
  • Knife
  • Spray
  • Player Card
  • Gun Buddy

The primary color scheme is striking gold and red, with alternative variants in black and white, pink and purple, and silver and blue. Players can use Radianite Points to enhance these items with extra sound effects, animations, and a unique finisher. The finisher conjures a dragon head, similar to the Gun Buddy, from the remnants of the last enemy defeated in a round.

Bundle Pricing

The XERØFANG bundle is priced at 6,355 VP, positioning it as a premium offering, albeit not the most expensive in the game's history. You can also buy items from the bundle individually. Gunskins cost 1,775 VP each, Knives cost 4,350 VP, and Accessories range from 325 VP for the Spray to 475 VP for the Gun Buddies.

Upcoming Weapon Skins and Themes

MK.VII Liberty Collection

Liberty has to be defeated

Following the deployment of patch 8.03 to Valorant's test servers, here are details about an upcoming skin bundle named MK. VII Liberty. The visual design of these new weapon skins remains under wraps. Preliminary information about the bundle's contents has been revealed.

Leaks from the X ValorLeaks account suggest the bundle features skins for the Vandal, Guardian, Judge, Operator, and Combat Knife. These skins are set to offer three variants and one upgrade option, with themes inspired by Desert, Tundra, and Sea biomes. Additional cosmetic items, including a Gun Buddy, Player Card, and Spray, are also anticipated to accompany the weapon skins.

The bundle will include a knife skin reminiscent of the M9 Bayonet from CS2 (we're only discussing similarities).

Pricing Estimate: given the inclusion of five weapons, each with three variants, the bundle's price is estimated at around 8700 VP. This aligns with typical pricing for skin lines offering comparable content.

Valorant's forthcoming updates showcase aesthetic innovation. They also expand platforms and refine gameplay. Riot Games introduces new skins with cultural and thematic references. They are expanding into console gaming and collaborating with anime. They are also making targeted gameplay adjustments. This enriches the Valorant ecosystem. These developments promise to keep the current community engaged and aim to attract a new audience. This will cement Valorant's position as a dynamic and evolving force in the competitive gaming arena.

Valorant-Gundam Collaboration

"This hand of mine glows with awesome power! I"

Leaks have sparked excitement in the gaming community. They suggest a collaboration between Valorant and the Gundam franchise. This promises a fusion of the tactical shooter with the iconic Japanese sci-fi series. Valorant's skins are known for their unique designs. This significantly contributes to the game's competitive first-person shooter genre appeal.

Gundam has a global fanbase and cultural impact. This suggests a collaboration could introduce Gundam-themed weapon skins. This would merge strategic gameplay with the franchise's distinctive look. Such a partnership aligns with Riot Games' efforts to expand its presence in the Asian esports scene. Gundam is famous in Asia and draws on the franchise's strong influence in pop culture.

Leaks hint at the possibility of a Valorant x Gundam skin line. This could leverage Riot Games' pattern. They often release thematic skin collections with new Acts or Episodes. The game is structured around periodic updates. A Gundam-inspired collection could add to Valorant's premium cosmetic offerings. While anticipation builds, the unpredictable nature of leaks is worth noting, as not all teased content makes it to release.


Valorant featured notable skin lines like Gaia's Vengeance. It had nature-inspired animations and designs. Another was Protocol 781-A, known for futuristic aesthetics and interactive elements. These collections highlight Riot Games' dedication to diverse and high-quality cosmetic offerings. They appeal to various player preferences, from organic to high-tech themes.

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