Valorant Agents Tier List Patch 9.0

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Valorant Patch 9.0 has introduced various changes to the Agents, affecting their rankings and viability in the current meta. The article "VALORANT Episode 9 Patch Notes" compiled all the information available about the patch.

Reyna and Jett continue to shine in the game with their impressive fragging skills and unmatched mobility. Additionally, initiators and controllers equipped with powerful utility remain pivotal for strategic gameplay. Staying abreast of the latest updates is crucial for competitive players, as upcoming patches might change these dynamics.

The Blix Team has researched the current meta. Below is an overview of the Agents categorized into tiers based on their performance, utility, and overall effectiveness in competitive play.

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  • The Tier List of Agents that are good in 9.0 Patch
  • Agents Pick Rate, Win%, and K/D
  • Overview of each Agent with pros and cons
  • The Agents synergy

What is the Current Agents Tier List?

The Blix Team has compiled a list of the most popular Agents in the current 9.0 Patch, which was released on Tuesday, June 25th / Wednesday, June 26th, depending on the region you play in. The Pick Rate, Win%, and K/D statistics were obtained from


Valorant S-Tier List in Patch 9.0


Valorant Agent: Viper

Pick Rate: 1.9%

Win Percentage: 49.1%

K/D: 0.99

Patch 9.0 showcases Viper's continued strength as the top choice for players who want to take charge of the battlefield and set the game's tempo. Her expertise lies in area denial and environmental control, using her powerful toxic abilities to dominate. Viper's exceptional skills make her an invaluable asset for teams seeking control and disruption. She forms fantastic synergies with Sova, Raze, Cypher, Brimstone, and Phoenix, enhancing teamwork and strategic advantage.


Valorant Agent: Breach

Pick Rate: 2.1%

Win Percentage: 49.1%

K/D: 0.92

In Patch 9.0, Breach continues to be a strong choice, especially in coordinated team play. His crowd-control abilities can shift the course of engagements, making it challenging for enemies to hold positions or establish effective defenses. His synergy with aggressive and control-oriented Agents like Jett, Raze, Omen, Phoenix, and Killjoy further amplifies his effectiveness, positioning him as a crucial pick for many strategic compositions.


Valorant Agent: Jett

Pick Rate: 8.8%

Win Percentage: 50.2%

K/D: 1.09

Jett remains a favorite among those who love high-energy tactics and impressive maneuvers. While specific Agents offer more utilities and steady damage, Jett's distinct skills make her an invaluable asset for teams seeking a dynamic and versatile entry fragger. Her seamless coordination with crowd control and recon Agents like Breach, Omen, Sova, Killjoy, and Astra amplifies her impact, cementing her status as a vital choice in diverse team setups.


Valorant Agent: Sova

Pick Rate: 5.0%

Win Percentage: 50.1%

K/D: 0.97

Sova is an incredibly versatile Agent and a top-notch initiator, especially when played by those who can maximize his recon skills. Sova excels in all game modes, whether you're playing casually or on the pro scene. Even in the 9.0 patch, Sova remains a formidable pick with some minor tweaks to ensure he stays impactful. Mastering Sova's abilities demands a good grasp of lineups and map knowledge, making him more suitable for experienced players. He synergizes like a dream with Brimstone, Omen, Breach, Raze, and Jett. Get ready to unleash Sova's full potential!


Valorant Agent: Omen

Pick Rate: 6.0%

Win Percentage: 47.1%

K/D: 0.97

Omen shines as a remarkably adaptable and influential Controller in the exciting Valorant 9.0 patch. His exceptional skills in shaping vision and positioning make him an invaluable ally for teams seeking to secure strategic edges and outmaneuver their adversaries. While some Agents may provide more predictable utility, Omen's capacity for inventive maneuvers and map dominance cements his status as a standout choice. His seamless coordination with dynamic and reconnaissance Agents such as Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Sova, and Raze amplifies his impact, positioning him as an indispensable element in numerous strategic setups.


Valorant Agent: Killjoy

Pick Rate: 4.0%

Win Percentage: 50.5%

K/D: 0.99

Killjoy's Nanoswarm grenades and Lockdown ultimate gives her fantastic control and denial abilities, making it challenging for enemies to advance. Even though other Agents may have more mobility or versatility, Killjoy's special skills make her a fantastic choice for defensive and strategic games. She synergizes perfectly with Agents like Omen, Viper, Breach, Sova, and Raze, ensuring a solid and effective team dynamic.


Valorant A-Tier List in Patch 9.0


Valorant Agent: Iso

Pick Rate: 4.1%

Win Percentage: 51.0%

K/D: 1.11

Patch 9.0 brought some significant adjustments to Iso to create better game balance. One notable change is his Double Tap (E) ability, which now lasts 12 seconds instead of 20 and no longer resets on kills. This means Iso's power can only be activated once per battle, encouraging a fresh approach to using his abilities. While some players may initially find it challenging to adapt to these changes, the adjustments ultimately pave the way for a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience, allowing new strategies and skills to shine.


Valorant Agent: KAY/0

Pick Rate: 2.4%

Win Percentage: 46.2%

K/D: 0.88

KAY/O remains a fantastic pick for disrupting enemy abilities and thwarting crucial utility. Team coordination and strategic use of his suppression abilities are vital to maximizing his impact. While his playstyle may be predictable and mobility limited, overcoming these challenges presents exciting opportunities for players embracing KAY/O in the current meta!


Valorant Agent: Skye

Pick Rate: 2.9%

Win Percentage: 48.8%

K/D: 0.90

Skye is part of a dynamic group of Agents, including Sova and KAY/0, making the battle exciting and challenging. While using her abilities, Skye must tread carefully, as timing and teamwork are crucial. However, when played with strategic intent and synchronization with teammates, Skye's impact is powerful and game-changing.


Valorant Agent: Raze

Pick Rate: 5.4%

Win Percentage: 49.9%

K/D: 1.02

Raze has undergone significant adjustments to balance her mobility and explosive power. The changes to her Blast Pack have reduced her ability to reposition and evade enemies, making her less mobile quickly. While Raze remains a powerful and enjoyable Agent, the recent adjustments have made her less dominant in mobility and surprise tactics.


Valorant Agent: Clove

Pick Rate: 8.9%

Win Percentage: 53.1%

K/D: 0.95

Clove heavily relies on their cooldowns to use their abilities effectively. With the reduced duration and increased cost, managing these cooldowns becomes crucial, adding complexity to Clove's playstyle. While Clove does have some controller-leaning capabilities, its overall utility for the team may feel limited compared to a more dedicated controller like Viper.


Valorant B-Tier List in Patch 9.0


Valorant Agent: Astra

Pick Rate: 0.5%

Win Percentage: 47.2%

K/D: 1.02

Astra's skills demand precise coordination and strategic positioning. Mastering her stars and recalling or reactivating them can present an exciting challenge, especially in fast-paced scenarios. In solo queues or less organized teams, synchronizing her abilities with team actions can pose an invigorating test. Still, one can unlock her full potential and make a profound impact with practice and dedication.


Valorant Agent: Brimstone

Pick Rate: 2.4%

Win Percentage: 48.6%

K/D: 0.95

Brimstone's Sky Smoke radius has been boosted from 410 to 415, ensuring better coverage of the targeted area. This enhancement makes it reliable and effective for controlling choke points and key map areas. While Brimstone may not be as agile as Omen or Jett, his straightforward kit offers consistency and strength. Unlike Viper or Astra, Brimstone's abilities are perfect when you need a reliable and robust Agent. Get ready to dominate the battlefield with this improved Sky Smoke!


Valorant Agent: Fade

Pick Rate: 1.8%

Win Percentage: 49.5%

K/D: 0.90

Fade is an incredibly dynamic Agent, equipped with unique abilities that keep opponents on their toes. Her Haunt ability is a force to be reckoned with, but keen adversaries can neutralize it if they're quick. Although she's susceptible to attacks while unleashing her skills, Fade's versatility makes her an exciting addition to any team. While facing off against other initiators like Sova and Skye, she's always ready to rise to the challenge.


Valorant Agent: Gekko

Pick Rate: 5.8%

Win Percentage: 50.5%

K/D: 0.90

Gekko's skills shine when executed with precision and team coordination. While he may not offer the immediate impact of Agents like Sova or Breach, his abilities boast impressive potential. Strategic timing and thoughtful use are the keys to unlocking Gekko's full power. With the right approach, Gekko's utility can be a game-changer, adding depth and excitement to every match.


Valorant Agent: Neon

Pick Rate: 2.7%

Win Percentage: 48.9%

K/D: 0.97

This patch has no significant buffs or changes to Neon's abilities. She remains a strong pick for players who can master her speed and aggressive playstyle, providing a unique and dynamic approach to engagements in Valorant. Neon's playstyle is geared towards hit-and-run tactics. However, she may need help in prolonged engagements compared to Agents with more consistent utility or sustainability in fights.


Valorant C-Tier List in Patch 9.0


Valorant Agent: Yoru

Pick Rate: 1.9%

Win Percentage: 47.3%

K/D: 0.97

Mastering this Agent is vital as they can single-handedly turn rounds in your favor and offer diverse ways to take on enemy players. While it does require a high skill level to play this hero, the potential payoff is enormous. Although this hero may only sometimes deliver consistent value, there's still ample opportunity to set up game-changing team plays. So, in the majority of games, you have the chance to make a significant impact as a solo player.


Valorant Agent: Sage

Pick Rate: 6.8%

Win Percentage: 50.4%

K/D: 0.88

Sage is quite a unique character in the world of professional play. Despite her low pick rate, she has some extraordinary abilities. Sure, some players think there are better options, but Sage has her special skills. Although she seems easy to handle for more experienced players, she can shine in the right hands with the right approach and strategy. Plus, she's not as challenging to master as some might think!


Valorant Agent: Reyna

Pick Rate: 11.1%

Win Percentage: 50.6%

K/D: 1.12

Reyna remains a popular choice for players skilled at getting kills and can effectively utilize her self-sustaining abilities. However, her dependence on securing kills and lack of team support abilities make her a high-risk, high-reward Agent who is best suited for experienced players.


Valorant Agent: Phoenix

Pick Rate: 2.9%

Win Percentage: 49.9%

K/D: 1.06

Phoenix is a versatile Agent but struggles to stand out in higher-tier gameplay. While his abilities, like Hot Hands and Blaze, offer decent utility and healing, his overall impact could be better compared to higher-tier duelists like Jett.


Valorant Agent: Harbor

Pick Rate: 0.6%

Win Percentage: 45.6%

K/D: 0.89

In Patch 9.0, Harbor received no specific buffs or significant adjustments to his abilities. His current performance metrics suggest that, while he can be effective in the right hands, he is less widely impactful and popular than some other Agents in the game.


Valorant Agent: Cypher

Pick Rate: 7.0%

Win Percentage: 50.4%

K/D: 0.99

Cypher is an exceptional asset to his team, consistently delivering top-notch performance and securing vital information. His exceptional setup abilities with Trapwire and Cyber Cage and his invaluable Ultimate, Neural Theft, make him a preferred choice for players who appreciate strategic gameplay.


Valorant Agent: Chamber

Pick Rate: 4.0%

Win Percentage: 49.6%

K/D: 1.08

Despite adjustments to Chamber's pick rates and overall utility to better balance the game, he remains a viable choice for players who enjoy his playstyle and strategic teleportation abilities. His performance in casual and competitive play shows that he is still a strong option when used effectively.


Valorant D-Tier List in Patch 9.0


Valorant Agent: Deadlock

Pick Rate: 1.3%

Win Percentage: 50.5%

K/D: 0.97

Her unique abilities have yet to improve her competitiveness in the game significantly. One significant change was made to her GravNet ability, which now requires players caught in the net to manually remove it, taking 1.5 seconds instead of the previous 0.8. Her skills and kit still need to improve the impact needed to elevate her to higher tiers, especially compared to sentinels like Killjoy.


Remember that Valorant is an exciting and ever-evolving game with dynamic changes. Each Agent has unique strengths and weaknesses, so feel free to explore and experiment until you discover the perfect match for your play style and strategy!

While our tier list provides valuable guidance for making informed decisions in Patch 9.0, personal preference ultimately reigns supreme. By trying out different Agents, you'll level up in Valorant quicker! Embrace the adventure and let your skills shine as you explore the diverse world of Valorant.

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