Another 4 lessons from TI 11’s Main Event

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With the best of the best going head-to-head for Dota 2’s most prestigious prize, it’s no wonder we’ve been treated to so many top tier series. With just one more day of play before the break before Finals, we take a look at some more of the lesson’s TI 11 has been teaching.

If you missed out on any of the action from earlier in the tournament, you can check out our overviews of the Groups and Day 1.

South America’s scene shouldn’t be underestimated

There are now only three regions left represented in the tournament, and South America is one of the last one’s standing. Thunder Awaken and beastcoast have both triumphed on the main stage so far, and EG fell victim to both of them.

Thunder Awaken had a pretty solid run through the groups, they met EG on Day 1 and knocked them down to the lower bracket in a 2-0 series, where they faced beastcoast.

From the best performing team in Group A, to a second day elimination, it was a rough ride for Evil Geniuses at the main event.

After easily dispatching Hokori on the first day, the South American team returned on Day 2 of the playoffs and knocked out EG.

Game 1 was a quick, 36 minute stomp for beastcoast. Their draft gave them plenty of initiation through the early game. They wiped the floor with their opponents, ending with a 26 kill lead, 40-14. With Adrián "Wisper" Dobles putting on a real show, going 15/2/17 on his Mars.

EG’s draft was just too greedy on the first map. With Artour “Arteezy” Babev on a signature TB; but adding the Sven and Brood to the comp meant there was less farm to go around.

Thunder Awaken continued in the Upper Bracket, meeting Team Secret on Day 3 where they were unable to deliver another knockout blow. Instead, they fall to the LB to face off against the winners of OG vs Team Liquid.

Still, both South American teams are showing that the scene in the region is just growing stronger every year, and well worth keeping your eyes on.

SEA have no more teams in the comp

After both Talon and Fnatic faced relegation, BOOM ID were Southeast Asia’s last hope at the International 11. After knocking out reigning champs, Team Spirit, on Day 1 of the Main Event. BOOM went on to face PSG.LGD in the lower bracket.

Despite their outstanding performance the day before, the SEA team couldn’t hold the line against the Chinese super team.

Game 1 saw BOOM pick a strong enough draft. With Timothy "Tims" Randrup playing into the mid Tusk meta we’ve seen emerging throughout the tournament. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out so well for BOOM, with Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang easily outpacing Tims on his Kunkka.

LGD took control of the lanes and snowballed to a swift 29 minute victory. The second map was a similar affair, and after 34 minutes, LGD took the series 2-0.

After such an exciting year in the DPC, and great performances through the early stages of the tournament, it was a disappointing end to SEA’s journey at The International 11.

All of China’s hope lies in the Lower Bracket

Another Chinese team joined PSG.LGD in the Lower Bracket on Day 3, after a decisive victory from Tundra Esports knocked Aster down in a 2-0 series that closed out the day of play.

Aster had trouble dealing with Oliver "skiter" Lepko’s Chaos Knight on the first map. They managed to stretch things out to 49 minutes but couldn’t make any real gains over the EU team.

Game 2 saw Aster more in control through the early game, and it looked as if they might equalize the series. But a fateful engagement just before the clock reached 30 minutes turned things around for Tundra. Once they had the Chinese team on the back foot, they pushed their advantage hard. With Skiter once again proving to be a menace for Aster, he was responsible for half of Tundra’s kills, ending the game with a KDA of 12/1/7.

Despite their best efforts, Aster couldn’t bring the series to a tie. They fell to the LB, alongside fellow regional powerhouse, LGD. Meaning we could still see a clash of the Chinese titans before this TI is through.

Europe are Dominating

Europe have been the stars of the main stage, with 4 of the remaining six teams coming from the EU region. Both our LCQ entrants, Liquid and Secret are still in with a chance at the aegis. With Secret dominating the Upper Bracket yet again on Day 3, with a quick 2-0 series against Thunder Awaken.

The SA team just couldn’t find a dent in Secret’s defense, and both games were over before 45 minutes.

Liquid too, are continuing their lower bracket fight. Knocking out Entity after a 3-game series. Game 1 saw Liquid beat a quick path to GG, leaving Entity little room to move, they only managed to land 5 kills over the course of the 33 minute length of the match. Entity returned to punish in Game 2, with Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko all but unstoppable on Sniper. But Entity were unable to close out the last map fast enough. Instead leaving room forLasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen to farm up a beefy Naix, and Michael "miCKe" Vu on Ember Spirit to get nice and fat from pick offs and farm. The late game belonged to Liquid, and after 51 minutes, they sent Entity home.

And OG too, could still claim the top prize. They’ve been taking victories steadily through the Lower Bracket, most recently relegating Gaiman Gladiatiors on Day 3 in another impressive 3 game series. With the way the European team is playing, it’s not impossible to imagine seeing them taking a third title with the power of friendship. But the decider will be how they fare against Liquid on Day 4.

However it is Tundra Esports who are perhaps the biggest surprise. Their run through the groups qualified them to the Upper Bracket and no one has been able to shake them from the top spot since. They showed their prowess in their game against Aster, securing them a ticket straight to the Upper Bracket Finals, which means it will be Europe vs Europe as they’ll face Secret on October 29.

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