PGL Arlington Major 2022 - The Day 1 Matches to Keep an Eye On

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Following the end of Tour 3 and the Riyadh Masters 2022, which was one of the most intriguing non-DPC events in Dota 2, it is time for another epic tournament. The PGL Arlington Major will take place from August 4-14 in Arlington, the U.S. The second Major of the DPC will include 17 teams split into two groups.

We are just a few days away from the beginning of the event, which means we already know more about the Group Stage. The organizers gave us access to the full schedule of the Group Stage, which will last four days. There are tons of epic fights ahead of us, so that every day will be special.

That said, here are some of the top matches we will have the chance to watch during Day 1.

Group A

Although both groups seem interesting, the first one will most likely be more popular. Since this Major consists of some of the world's best teams, every match will be amazing to watch. However, a few of them stand out. First, let’s see what Group A has in store.

Outsiders vs. Royal Never Give Up

You should definitely pay attention to the first series that will put together some of the best in China and Eastern Europe. Royal Never Give Up’s first challenge will be the tough squad of Virtus.Pro that plays under the name Outsiders. RAMZESS and co. are back on the big stage and will be eager to prove themselves.

Fnatic vs. OG

Some might think this series won’t be that fun to watch because OG is the big favorite. However, the team does not have that much experience against clubs from Southeast Asia. Fnatic is one of the well-known names there, so it will be fun to see what happens.

That said, Fnatic won’t play with its original roster because most of the team did not get a visa.

OG vs. Team Liquid

We should keep an eye on the third match that will put together two of the best teams in Western Europe. Both secured a slot for the Major after winning most matches during Tour 3. Team Liquid defeated OG in the Tiebreaker, which means that bzm and the rest will be eager to take revenge.

Royal Never Give Up vs. Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew is one of the two North American teams that will try to show its prowess during the Major. YawaR and the rest will have two matches during Day 1. After the series against Liquid, the NA squad will have to survive versus one of the best teams in China.

Group B

One of the reasons why some people believe that Group A is going to be more fun to watch is because Group B has fewer teams. Xtreme Gaming withdrew from the event after most of its players failed to receive a Visa. We expected Valve to add someone to take their spot, but this did not happen.

Nonetheless, Group B consists of many top-tier teams, so we can expect to find loads of epic matches.

EG vs. Aster

The first match we can watch is between Evil Geniuses and Team Aster. The NA powerhouse will try to bounce back after failing to defeat anyone in the last Major. Experienced Dota 2 fans will remember that EG usually performs really well against Chinese teams, so it will be fun to see if Arteezy and the rest can defeat the mighty Team Aster.

BOOM vs. Tundra

Another series we can’t wait to see will put the winners in SEA and Western Europe; Tundra Esports looked like one of the best teams in the world during Tour 3. However, Nine and the rest could not live up to fans’ expectations during the Riyadh Masters 2022. This means that BOOM is definitely the favorite because the SEA team has had consistent results in the last couple of months.


The second series of the day for BOOM will allow them to go up against Evil Geniuses. This is going to be an epic match and one of the big tests for the North American team in Group B. It’s been a while since these two met, so it will be fun to see which one will come on top.

Team Spirit vs. Tundra

As the current TI champion, Team Spirit is always one of the names that will be among the favorites. Yatoro and the rest haven’t won a big event in a while. That said, the team reached the final in Riyadh, so it seems like they are ready to show their prowess. Of course, it won’t be easy because they must overcome Western Europe’s Tour 3 winners.

Natus Vincere vs. beastcoast

Although this might seem like one of the least exciting series on paper, we expect it to be an epic battle. The reason why this match will be fun to watch is that both teams are equally matched.

Na’Vi is finally back on the big stage and has to go up against one of the best teams from South America. Interestingly, the CIS powerhouse will also play against Entity this week, the two opponents it has more chances of winning against. In other words, No[o]ne- and the rest must try to win this series.

Closing Thoughts

The matches mentioned above are just some of the things we will have the chance to watch once the PGL Arlington Major 2022 begins. We will have access to 16 series almost every day, so expect loads of epic clashes.

Here at BLIX we'll keep you updated with everything important about this event, so expect loads of content. Don’t forget that this Major is extremely important and will greatly impact this year’s TI. After all, we are just a few months away from one of the biggest events in esports.

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