How to Play Duelists in Valorant: Tips, Tactics and Role

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    Duelists in Valorant, as the official description from the developers says, are agents that have the most influence on the course of the game. Duelists have a lot of different abilities, great help in combat, and even find battles on their own so that the player does not have to do it himself.

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    The Duelists class in Valorant includes the following agents:

    Individual Duelist Characteristics

    So, the Duelist Jett has high mobility. She bypasses enemies, confusing them. Phoenix is ​​a wonderful pyromancer, and he has a lot of tricks. Raize is proficient in high-power explosions - destroying whole areas of enemy domains. When playing Jett and Phoenix, practicing close combat and using shotguns is recommended, but Raze is a more satisfactory choice for long-range combat.

    The Role and Strategy of Duelists

    Duelists are agents who must get into the thick of things foremost to earn first blood for the team. Such players are very aggressive. They start firefights willingly - with the apparent goal of capturing territory. New players love to play duelists. At least it is much easier with them. The duelists are often at the top of the table of results. And if the player does not want to arrange the ground questions, but the frags are just an important goal for him, the duelists will be the best choice!

    Defensive and Offensive Tactics for Duelists

    The tactics of duelist agents will be the same for defense and attack. This is true even though the abilities of the duelists are different! But it is enough to learn how to play one duelist - and the player will be able to cope with the rest without any problems. And remember - the duelist is nothing more than a killing machine. His task is to get into the Spike Site, force the enemy team to change position on the battlefield, and clear the way for his team. While the duelist team is busy setting up smokes, walls, and the like, the duelists go and fight!

    But duelists prefer to defend themselves sparingly - while protection is still needed! It is worth noting that duelists and the Operator hold corners remarkably well. Players need to follow one corner, destroy the enemy - and change position in seconds! Moreover, duelists are the best with sniper rifles.

    Advanced Duelist Gameplay Techniques

    Where there is a sniper rifle, there must be appropriate aiming skills! They are simply critical. And in addition to aiming skills, the player needs to remember the importance of a couple more points. So, the ultimates must be used exceptionally aggressively - to score points and replenish the ultimate ability. And it's also essential to communicate with the team's Initiators and Controllers. If the allies launch a good smoke or put up a top-grade wall, adding duelist abilities to this quickly helps win any round!

    Detailed Overview of Selected Duelists

    Only one Duelist can be kept in a team, and the choice is made not from the three described above but from six agents! However, we decided to cover four of them fully.

    So, Jett - as mentioned above, is the most mobile of all Valorant agents. Jett moves forward and up very quickly, so she easily gets to viewpoints that the enemies would not expect from the team! With three smokes, Jett can block corners and doorways. And the needle knives, which are the ult of this duelist, are immensely deadly! And, since Jett can get in and out so fast that she can take out the enemy and take little to no damage, this duelist seems indispensable.

    However, Phoenix is ​​also a top-rated duelist agent. A stun grenade, a fire wall, and even a Molotov cocktail that can heal the Phoenix but injure others is a great selection! Thanks to Phoenix's ultimate ability, the player can create a second version of himself, which will last eight seconds. Then - teleport back to the original Phoenix with the complete health amount! If using the Phoenix's ability correctly, the player can win the round only, thanks to it.

    Raze, in turn, perfectly clears the space. This duellist's explosives deal global damage. With the help of the "pack" ability, Raze can move through the air - and this also increases mobility! Thanks to the rocket fuse, the ultimate ability of this duelist. He can shoot within ten seconds and destroy those around you with just one shot. Many players, having heard a remark about the launch of Raze's ultimate ability, leave the game. Brilliant effect!

    And one more very popular Duelist is Reyna. They have a common feature with Jett - they can enter, destroy, and then run, as can say, from the crime scene. When Reyna kills, she can absorb the victim's soul and heal herself. And not only heal - she can become intangible or invisible when using the ultimate ability. And with the help of her impressive flash, Reyna can blind anyone who looks at her. That kind of flash and self-healing ability makes this agent special. Choosing which duellist to keep on the team is hard when all four are excellent and effective.

    Tips for Playing Duelist Agents:

    1. Master your aim. Good aim is crucial for Duelists, especially for entry fraggers who must consistently eliminate enemy players. Practice your aim skills regularly to improve your accuracy and precision. There are many guides available online that can help you with this.
    2. Don't be afraid to use your Ultimate Ability aggressively. As a Duelist, you will often accumulate Ultimate points quickly due to frequent kills. So, take advantage of this and use your Ultimate Ability without hesitation. It can give you a significant advantage in combat and help you win rounds.
    3. Coordinate with your Controllers and Initiators. Your Controller and Initiator teammates can provide valuable support with their abilities, such as smokes and walls. Coordinate with them to set up powerful combinations to give you an edge over the enemy team. With their assistance and your ability to eliminate opponents, you can win rounds and, ultimately, the game.
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