What Are The Best Wattson Skins in Apex Legends?

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Wattson is not a starter legend. Developers added her to the game during Season 2.

So far, these cosmetics have morphed her into a cyborg, a knight, a Naruto look-alike, and much more. But, since the game has many skins to choose from, it takes work to find the best one, plus everyone has different preferences.

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To help players pick the best skin for the Static Defender, blix.gg team compiled the list of the top 10 skins. We relied not only on our opinions when selecting skins but also on the opinions of the fans of this Legend.


  • TOP-10 best skins for Wattson in Apex Legends in 2024
  • A detailed description of skins, cost, and possibilities to get a skin

TOP-10 Wattson Skins

  • Kupo Power
  • Electric Incognito
  • Cyber Punked
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Thunder Kitty
  • Outlands Explorer
  • Silver Age
  • Solar Static
  • Haute Drop
  • Deep Current

Kupo Power

Wattson | Kupo Power

Rarity: Iconic

Apex Coins: 2150

Crafting Metals: N/A

No sooner has the Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH Event ended, and fans are already discussing on Reddit whether the Kupo Power skin will return.

It's understandable. This time, the Wattson skin was adorable, girly in the truest sense of the word.

What's even more remarkable about the skin is that it's a one-of-a-kind, Iconic rarity skin for Wattson.

How to get it?

We regret to inform you that getting this skin is impossible for now. It was released as part of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event in January 2024 and has yet to return.

Electric Incognito

Wattson | Electric Incognito

Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: 2400

This is another new skin for Wattson, released in February 2024. Fans of Legend on Reddit immediately agreed that this skin is one of the best.

Wattson is no longer cute and doesn't even look like a child. Rebellious style, electric discharges, and a beautiful black and silver image can not leave us indifferent.

Fans even develop fantastic ideas for Wattson skins themselves. For example, this one is just crazy but so adorable!

How to get it?

Electric Incognito is a Wattson skin released in February 2024 as part of the 5th Anniversary Collection Event. The skin has not reappeared in the game since then, but we can hope and wait.

Cyber Punked

Wattson | Cyber Punked

Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: N/A

Crafting Metals: N/A

This skin is adorable. Legend is dressed in a punk outfit with a black leather jacket and an eye patch!

The developers have been very respectful about the cyberpunk theme and the arms and legs part. Wattson has become transparent, allowing us a glimpse of the wires and gears inside her. This is one of the rarest skins for this character. But there is still hope for his return!

How to get it?

This skin was introduced as a Battle Pass in the fourth season of Apex Legends. First, players had to unlock the Battle Pass premium tier by spending 950 Apex Coins and then complete level 50 before getting their hands on this beautiful item. Consequently, being a Battle Pass exclusive skin, it never appeared in the in-game Apex store.

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Sweet Dreams

Wattson | Sweet Dreams

Rarity: Rare

Apex Coins: N/A

Crafting Metals: N/A

To kick off Apex Legends Season 2 in style, Respawn teamed up with Twitch and raffled off a superb skin for Wattson.

The stunning super-bright skin in purple and yellow colors was a hit in its day! Wattson is so extremely cute in this skin! And that unicorn on the jacket? Well, that's just heartbreaking!

How to get it?

To get this skin, you had to link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and then link your Twitch account to whatever platform you play Apex Legends on.

As of right now, no one can get this skin anymore. And those who got it are considered extremely lucky.

Thunder Kitty

Wattson | Thunder Kitty

Rarity: Legendary Exclusive

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: 2400

Given Wattson's rich life history and personality, choosing her as a legend to pair with the Hype Beast Crypto skin for the third-anniversary event made perfect sense. This skin introduces players to Wattson as a teenagerThe yellow and purple color scheme, heavy spiked bomber jacket, and bulky multicolored sneakers make the skin more vibrant and cheerful.

The cute addition of the cat-ear headphones reminds us that Wattson is still very young.

This skin is the least of all the skins covering Wattson's body. Therefore, it is interesting to note the exact size of the electric scars on her left side. Usually, only the scar on her face is visible, but Thunder Kitty's skin shows that it extends to her stomach and left leg.

How to get it?

Thunder Kitty Wattson was part of the Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event in 2022 and could be crafted for 2400 Crafting Metals or 1800 Apex Coins.

This skin was in the store in November 2022August 2023, and December 2023, so there's a good chance we'll see him again.

Outlands Explorer

Wattson | Outlands Explorer

Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: 2400

Wattson is dressed in a safari jacket, trousers, brown leather boots, and knee pads. She's also wearing a brown helmet, desert biker glasses, and brown leather gloves.

The sleeping roll on top of the pylon adds authenticity to the theme. The safari-style leather is a great idea. It is as if she tells opponents she is on the hunt.

How to get it?

This skin is part of the Season 5 Lost Treasures Collection Event in 2020. However, Outlands Explorer returned in a Bundle during the Evolution Collection Event Store in 2021, and then the skin reappeared in the store in December 2022. It was last available in December 2023, and we'll soon. And we have a feeling we'll be seeing it again soon.

Silver Age

Wattson | Silver Age


Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: N/A

This skin catches the eye. The leather helmet with the gold crest on top is especially notable. The pylon also has golden wings.

Wattson is wearing a metallic electric-blue jacket with a lot of gold inlay. She is wearing a tight beige bodysuit with golden and blue inlay and leather boots with gold overlay. The Silver Age has a recolor. It's the Rocket Scientist.

This skin makes Wattson look like an angel. The color combo is super classy. It looks royal.

How to get it?

Silver Age was available for purchase during the Grand Soiree Event for 1800 Apex Coins. In September 2020, it was presented in a bundle in the September Soiree Sale. The last time the skin returned to the store was September 2022.

Solar Static

Wattson | Solar Static

Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: 2400

The Solar Static skin borrows from Greek and Roman mythology, as evidenced by the sun halo around Wattson's head.

The black and golden palette also goes perfectly with the radiant theme, making the Legend look as powerful as ever.

How to get it?

Solar Static is a Wattson skin released during the Veiled Collection Event in April 2023. But we expect to see him again!

Haute Drop

Wattson | Haute Drop

Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: 2400

The color scheme is nothing special, but the style of this skin is beautiful. It is an alternative for this character. On the Legend's head are a blue beret, a steel-colored jacket, and a blue jumpsuit. Wattson looks like a French woman.

This skin one hundred percent emphasizes that Wattson is a girl but does not let opponents relax because the electricity behind it looks dangerous. Haute Drop will set the player apart from the rest of the characters.

How to get it?

The Haute Drop skin for Wattson was released in 2021 as part of the Apex Legends Season 7 Fight Night Collection Event. It's a Legendary skin that could've been crafted for 2400 Crafting Metals or bought for 1800 Apex Coins.

In a bundle, this skin returned to the shop in the Dark Depths Event Store in September 2022. Who knows, we'll see him again?

Deep Current

Wattson | Deep Current

Rarity: Legendary

Apex Coins: 1800

Crafting Metals: 2400

Wattson is introduced in another new and unusual role: that of a pirate. It is worth noting that the skin is simple and elegant. A pirate collar is added to the jacket, the hair is a bit longer, and the equipment is more leathery, which adds plausibility.

The colors of this leather are not bright but somewhat muted, which makes it stand out from the rest. Wattson's eye patch adds to her personality and looks fun.

How to get it?

Part of the Raiders Collectible Event, it first appeared in December 2021. This skin was available in packs and through crafting. Deep Current returned in September 2022, March 2023, and October 2023.


Wattson has quite a few exciting and beautiful skins. Undoubtedly, the fans of this Legend are periodically pleased with both novelties and the return of old skins. However, these ten are the best of the best.

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