Stewie2K plans to become a professional Valorant player

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Published  12 Aug, 19:37
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Inactive Evil Geniuses CS:GO player Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip has announced a plan to move to Valorant.

"Every day I'll be on stream. I'll be grinding ranked. I'll be trying to get into scrims. LCQ [Last Chance Qualifier] happens, [then] Champions will happen. Off-season comes, franchising comes. Even if I miss franchising, I'm going to keep streaming, watch and be a student of the game and then get picked up. We'll try. We'll see how everything pans out," he said on a Twitch stream.

The franchising campaign in Valorant turned out to be extremely difficult. Because of which a number of esports organizations have decided to leave the discipline. However, one of the eminent players Stewie2K has a chance to get a good offer.

24-year-old Stewie2K shifted down from the active roster to a streamer position at the end of July. Evil Geniuses star was rumored to have a conflict with coach Damien "maLeK" Marcel. Stewie2k called the conflict story a misunderstanding.